Why are you asking if I had Rhogam?

“Hi, this is ….” I listened intently to the voicemail I already knew was from my OB’s office from the caller ID on my phone. She mentions needing to talk about the results to my bloodwork, drawn two days before and ends with “we’ll call the other number you have on file.” Immediately tears begin to fill my eyes. I hurriedly called back, hoping to … Continue reading Why are you asking if I had Rhogam?

The Farming Family

  As an “outsider” joining farm life, I’ve been met with challenges of 12-hour planting marathons in Memorial Day heat and the tasks of grasping the lingo of an unfamiliar field (Do you see what I did there? an unfamiliar FIELD? I’ll wait..it took me a minute to see it too). Adapting to the farm life has been challenging, rewarding, exhausting, exhilarating, and, of course, delicious. The farm … Continue reading The Farming Family