How Did I Get Here?

I said yes.

Simple as that.  Two years ago (to the day!) my high school sweetheart dropped to one knee and asked me if I’d marry him.

With my answer, I agreed to so much more than marrying my husband.  I agreed to a lifestyle.

This winter I fulfilled that promise to marry him and gained the title ‘farmer’s wife.’

Our Wedding Day

My husband is a third generation farmer and we live on his family’s produce farm in Poland, Ohio.  In the spring I am greeted by the fragrant smell of strawberries as I pull up the drive and pass people picking berries in the field.  Our backyard is home to miles of rows of tomatoes, peppers, and the local favorite, sweet corn.

Every day I learn something new about what being a farmer’s wife entails and what is expected of me. (Just last night I was seeking advice from my Facebook network, asking how to make washing Carhartts sound less like my basement is a foxhole under attack).

There are other expectations of a farmer’s wife that will require much more than one load of laundry to help me live up to.  With the title ‘farmer’s wife’ I am expected to know all about what my husband does.  While I’ve vastly expanded my knowledge base in the nearly nine years we’ve been together (has it really been that long??), I learn more every day.  Beyond knowing about food, there is also the expectation to cook good amazing fantastic the best dishes. (About that…I can cook well under supervision and I can bake a mean cake, but to leave me in the kitchen alone and expect a fantastic meal? This needs some work.)

Just after he proposed.
Perhaps a farmer’s wife needs to learn
to apply sunscreen properly too…

This blog will be a place for me to share my journey toward fulfilling all of the expectations the ‘farmer’s wife’ status.  I invite you to join me as I explore and learn more about the food we grow and challenge myself in preparing it into dishes worthy of being on the farmer’s table.

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