Easter Bread Bread Pudding

So this evening while cleaning the kitchen while cooking dinner, I lamented over the thought of throwing away an entire loaf of this weekend’s Easter bread, now stale. As I opened the trash I thought “gee, what a waste”.  Then it hit me.  A beautiful, but simple, fantastic, and exciting revelation: Bread pudding. One of the amazing things about bread putting is that it takes … Continue reading Easter Bread Bread Pudding

On the Farm: Growing Early Sweet Corn

Somehow I let almost two weeks to by since my last post.  Definitely a sign that it’s planting time.  And while I may not be doing the planting every day, my workload increases with increased laundry needs and picking up some of the things my husband would help with when he was working shorter days (like cooking….which takes me forever). I’ll try to do better with … Continue reading On the Farm: Growing Early Sweet Corn

Carrot Cake Pancakes

So a couple weeks ago I bought some baby carrots wholeheartedly believing I’d enjoy them dipped in hummus as a healthy snack.  (I was so wrong).  So rather than admit that I was wrong to my husband who questioned my purchase of three pounds of baby carrots, I set out to use them up. Carrot Cake Pancakes- a sweet idea for Easter breakfast! These pancakes we had for dinner … Continue reading Carrot Cake Pancakes