April Fool’s Fails

I was lamenting over the fact that I didn’t have a fun April Fool’s Day recipe to share with you after my attempt this weekend just didn’t work out how I wanted to.  While it looked nice, the flavor wasn’t quite right and it’s in need of some tweaking before I can fully fool my target.  So, I’ll be keeping that under wraps while I give it another go (or several more attempts) but do promise to share once I have it figured out.  Besides, pranking someone on a day on which they do not expect it is way more effective, isn’t it?

However, King Arthur Flour posted some great baking blunders on their blog today.  Looking through my photos on my phone, I couldn’t believe I didn’t have ANY to share with you!  None of the many times cakes didn’t turn out of the pan right or that evening I wasn’t paying attention as I adjusted a rack and put a cake in the oven on a VERY uneven rack (what a MESS!).
Blue Sponge Ware RR&P Co. Roseville Pottery 6
Thank you, eBay, for being the only
place with a similar photo

So in the future, I promise to share my failures with you too.  In fact, failures sometimes make for the best creations.  I know it sounds cliché, but it’s true.  Several years ago, my mom created what we now fondly call ‘crumble cake’ when she dropped a cake coming out of the oven.  Salvaging what was left, she layered broken pieces with frosting in a heavy blue sponge pottery bowl that was my grandma’s.

Now, when I decorate cakes, the scraps and leftover frosting become crumble cake, full of surprises including extra filling, copious amounts of frosting, or unique blends of the various cake flavors I’ve made that day.

What baking blunders have actually turned out to be success stories for you?

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