What’s up down on the farm

Yesterday morning I took another trip around the farm to see how things are growing now that we’re heading into our peak season for most of our fruits and vegetables. Here’s what’s happening at the farm:


Freshly Bailed Straw
Since then we’ve bailed lots of straw

Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn
Remember this picture from the Fourth of July?
Sweet Corn
Here’s what that same corn looks like now! This planting of sweet corn should be ready around Labor Day!


Strawberry Plants on Plastic
Strawberry season may be over, but the plants still require care.


Strawberry Plant with Blossoms
We already have and will continue to remove the blossoms that are showing up on strawberry plants that we planted this year. This allows the plant to channel the energy that would go into producing fruit and instead put that toward growing a stronger plant that will perform better in the coming seasons.



Lots of dill – time to make some pickles!!




Tied Cauliflower
We tie together the leaves of the cauliflower once the head is too large for the leaves to cover on its own. It keeps the heads from discoloring from exposure to the sun.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts Plants
Brussels Sprouts
Brussels Sprouts Plant
Brussels sprouts coming along…


Eggplant Blossom
Eggplant Blossom
Eggplant on Plant

Green Beans

Bean Field
These are the same beans from our last tour. They’ve come a long way…
Yellow Bean Plant
…with yellow bean blossoms…
Green Beans on Plant
…and green bean blossoms and some young green beans
Green Beans on Plant
…and green beans ready to pick in our first planting
Yellow Beans on Plant
yellow beans ready to pick in our first planting

Peach Orchard

Peach Orchard
The peach orchard is something we didn’t show last time. You’ll see our peach trees on the left as you drive up to the market. We also have some trees in a back orchard. Unfortunately, the harsh winter left us without our own peach crop this year.
Young Peach Tree
These are the peach trees we planted this year. It will be four years before we get peaches from these trees.
Young Peach Tree
Some more younger trees


Potted Mums
Hanging Mums
Hanging mums


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