Friday 5: Fall

The past week or two have really shown that fall is coming in full swing. I never liked fall as a kid because it meant that winter was coming. As I got older, I began to appreciate all that it brought with it and now this time of year (mid August and beginning of September) is extremely nostalgic and always full of promise. 1. Canning. … Continue reading Friday 5: Fall

Seasoned Pepper Rings Recipe

Peppers are plentiful here. Bells, sweet, hot (and hopefully soon some super hot peppers too!). Peppers can help bring any dish to an exciting new level. We like to keep some of these seasoned pepper rings on hand – they make a flavorful addition to pizza, pastas, sandwiches, burgers….or are just great to enjoy on crackers! They are a quick and easy recipe and can easily be adapted … Continue reading Seasoned Pepper Rings Recipe