Happy Birthday Luigi!

Lou Bear,

Today  you are a year old! I can’t begin to describe the transformation Ive gone through in the past year thanks to you.  When you came home with us, I wasn’t sure I was really thrilled about the idea of having a dog, let alone one in the house with us.  Over the past 10 months we’ve had you, I’ve gone from being okay with the idea to cherishing the sleeping in you enable by curling up in ‘Papa Bear’s’ spot when he gets out of bed in the morning and slipping you the extra rice after dinner because you get so excited by it.  I never thought I’d become such a dog-lover.  You make me laugh with the crazy way you sleep and the crazy things you do; you’ve challenged my patience with a persistence that rivals my own; you’ve made me a more relaxed person with the realization that it’s okay to stop and play for a while (laundry will wait!); and you provide constant companionship while your Papa Bear works long hours.  Happy Birthday Lou, we love you!

Right after you came home with us. How could I not love that face?!
Sleepy puppy
You couldn’t even make it through a shopping trip at Petsmart!
Sleepy puppy
Your first duck!
Hiding in the soybeans.
Puppy and pumpkins
…and picking out pumpins!
Such a silly face!
Yellow Lab Puppy
Big dog collar!
Yellow Lab Puppy
But I said please!


You’ve learned that I can’t stay mad at that face…
You still sleep like this and it still cracks me up every time!
Your safe place when we vacuum.
Elf Puppy
I love how you tolerate how Papa Bear torments you

   Lab Puppy Christmas

Lab Puppy Christmas
You made Christmas so fun this year!
Yellow Lab
Luigi vs. Luigi
Sleeping Lab
You’ve proven a good match to both my and Papa Bear’s stubbornness and persistence.
Yellow Lab in Car
You provide great companionship.

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