Friday 5: Vacation Day!

So I have absolutely NO idea where the past week has gone.  Okay, so maybe I do.  I’m just not sure how it happened so fast (aside from 25 hours worth of work put in between Sunday morning and Monday evening- hey, I’m starting to sound like a farmer! –even though none of that was farm work!)

I want to write more frequently, both to share more with you about myself, my life and the farm as well as to push myself to try new recipes and learn more myself. Several of the blogs I follow do lists on certain days (Friday 5, Thursday Things, etc). As part of my endeavor to write and share more, I’m committing myself to sharing 5 things with you on Fridays- whether it be thoughts, plans, recipes, facts, or things that have happened recently, or just crazy distracted thoughts- whatever the inspiration on Friday may be. Welcome to my life, my mind, and the craziness that comes with it!

Five things that made me insanely happy on my vacation day (aside from the realization that I get ‘another’ Saturday tomorrow!):

1- A clean house. I used to laugh when my mother would use vacation days for cleaning. I get it now. And I’d do it again. Without shame. Nothing makes you feel more civilized than clean floors and clean toilets (especially when your well water is AWFUL) and finishing the day cuddled up in any of the freshly laundered blankets draped over the (recently vacuumed) couch.

2- Homemade pasta sauce. This is kind of a 2-for-1 (aren’t you lucky!). I roasted tomatoes for a fresh batch of pasta sauce (to be juiced and turned into it’s unspeakable goodness on Sunday). Pasta sauce is one of the few things I do extremely well, even if most of the credit really belongs to the exceptional produce (look for a recipe next week!). It smelled fantastic in here! And, because you can’t have old sauce sitting on the shelves when the new stuff is ready, we had homemade sauce on pasta tonight (perhaps in part to remind me how all this work pays off). The stuff is addicting.

Yellow Plum Tomatoes
Yellow plum tomatoes are the secret! (Okay, there’s really no secret…)

3- Cookie dough Oreos. Definitely not the worst thing I had to ‘clean up’ today.Cookie Dough Oreos

4- Relaxing in my clean house with a drink. Lime juice. Rum. Perfection. Enough said.

5- Cuddly puppy. I absolutely LOVE when Lou is sleepy. He’s just. too. cute. (He may be forced to cuddle when I’m finished here…)

If he’s not super cute while sleeping he’s super crazy. There’s no happy medium.

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