Friday 5: Fall

The past week or two have really shown that fall is coming in full swing. I never liked fall as a kid because it meant that winter was coming. As I got older, I began to appreciate all that it brought with it and now this time of year (mid August and beginning of September) is extremely nostalgic and always full of promise.

1. Canning. I made several quarts of tomato sauce a couple weeks ago. I’m hoping to chisel out some more time in my schedule to do some more sauce and do some pickling, in addition to trying some new flavors of jam. I also need to do some freezing, but that is much easier to do in smaller batches and requires a lot less preparation.

Pasta Sauce
Bubble bubble toil and trouble…

2. Back to school. That’s right- it’s that time. I never minded going back to school in high school and LOVED going back to school in college. I enjoyed the new challenges, freedoms, new experiences, and social growth that came with it. While going back to grad school isn’t nearly as fun as band camp and moving back in to college, there’s still something inspiring about stepping onto a college campus, knowing that more knowledge awaits and knowing that you will continue to grow.

Back to school
Back to School! So lucky to have such a supportive work environment! Photo credit: Bethany Cook/ Back to school art credit: Jaclyn Hill

3. Fall fun on the farm. Every year I watch as my sister-in-law gets even more creative. Even more interesting to watch is the reactions people have to her straw creations and the amount of people they bring out to the market.

Mickey and Minnie Straw Bales
Lou presents Mickey and Minnie!

4. My best friend’s wedding- officially now under a month! So excited for her and so honored to be standing by her side!

5. The Fair. Don’t worry, it may be last but it’s certainly not least! On my list to chow down this weekend:
-Ruritans French Fries (I’ll be there Sunday evening helping out so stop by!). Salt and tons of vinegar. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

ruritans fries
Ruritans french fry stand- all run by volunteers to raise funds for the club, funding things including scholarships!

-Deep Fried Cookie Dough – I know it sounds horrible but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it- the best of both worlds, the raw goodness of cookie dough all warm and goey like a fresh cookie!
-Cavatelli in a Bread Bowl from Pasquale LaRocca’s – I’ve never had it before but hear it’s awesome. Bonus? My boss will have to make it for me! đŸ˜‰
-Gyro – knocked this one off the list last night but I’m sure I’ll get around to it again before the end of the fair!
-Fried Cheese – I love Antone’s fried cheese and the fried hot pepperjack cheese. And just cheese in general, but since it’s the fair you know it will be fried!

What are your favorite things about fall? What fair foods are your must-haves?

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