Friday Five: ’14

So I know I’ve been a little scarce, but with the new year at our feet, I have been reflecting and reminiscing, dreaming and planning (perhaps more on that next week).

Cheers to 2014 (a few days late). A year of new beginnings, progress, and growth:

1. In February we got married! 11 months in and I must say I’m so blessed to have a husband who understands me, challenges me, and won’t put up with my crap!

Family Photo- Wedding
2. In March I started a new job with a locally-based food service company. I can’t say enough for what entering a positive, supportive work environment can do for one’s self-esteem, motivation, and overall well-being. I have come so far professionally in the last nine months and look forward to learning and achieving so much more in the time to come.

S'more trifle
foodservice 15 anyone?

3. This summer I got a little more experience in some of the farming activities (as much as a full time job allows). This year was the first time I helped plant strawberries and cover early sweet corn. I also negotiated some space for carrots and herbs (and hopefully that proved my ability to pick good projects and allow me to negotiate more space for other fruits and veggies I’m trying to coax my husband into growing). Another big move for the farm was to stay open an extra month and hosting our first Christmas on the Farm craft and gift market after Thanksgiving.

4. This fall I completed my second semester of my MBA. Two down, seven to go (that is really disheartening to think about like that!). Combined with a new job that complements my studies, I can see the progress and am proud of this milestone, even though there are many more to follow.

5. This December we enjoyed a fun weekend getaway to Hickory then to Charleston (definitely not enough time in Charleston!). We walked around in nearly 70 degree sunny weather in the middle of December (with gelato at the beach!)

Yes, Virginia, it is December!
Diners Drives Ins and Dives
and we finally had a bowl of grits that left us craving more!


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