Waking up to snow was not how I envisioned jumping into spring. Despite the snow and brutal temperatures, things never completely stop on the farm, even in winter. It’s still quite chilly, but things are starting to pick up.

Chauffer Lou.

Seeds are ordered and planning for planting is in progress. I’ve even convinced my husband to add some new items to the plantings this year that have caught my attention through food trend research for my day job with a local food service company, that I’ve found in food news, or have noticed browsing pinterest. I’ve also ordered a plethora of new herbs, either intended for cooking or chosen for their pretty flowers with the hopes that they’ll make for easily maintained landscaping.

Equipment is in the shop, with my husband and his father going over each piece and performing maintenance to give the equipment optimal performance when they finally get out in the fields.

As spring progresses and things thaw out, the dog will come home muddier and work will increase around the farm. My husband’s deliciously prepared meals will become fewer, and the cooking will transition back to me. Yes, we’re getting back in the saddle for recipes again! As the fruits of the season come in, I look forward to sharing with you my experiences, both on the farm and in the kitchen.

Each season is a chance to start anew. An opportunity to enjoy the awes of nature; to delight in her bounty and to be humbled by her great powers. To appreciate the fruits of your own labors and taste each season. Spring brings a motivating energy to pursue all of the amazing possibilities that await.

What does spring mean for you?

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