Who I Am

Who I am centers a lot around good food. From the time we started dating, my husband, a fourth generation produce farmer, has shown me how amazing food can be. From the simplicity of fresh carrots and sugar snap peas just out of the garden (my garden, to be specific, yeah, I didn’t kill it!) to amazing tasting menus and wine pairings in the middle of the ocean, my appreciation and love of good food has grown alongside our relationship. I love baking and eating delicious meals prepared by my very talented personal chef husband. A primary goal of our travels is to try local delicacies and food options are always taken into consideration when making vacation plans.

Our lives center around food in more ways beyond choosing what to have for dinner. My husband has decided to work the family farm and run the family’s local produce market. This means I am now the farmer’s wife. We live on the family farm with our crazy, playful, easily scared yellow lab, Lou. The farm is beautiful and I enjoy helping out on my days off, sorting peaches, stocking produce, and interacting with clientele.

Rick, Lou and me on our wedding day.

There’s only one problem.

I don’t have the outstanding cooking skills mandatory of being a good farmer’s wife. Through this blog I will share my journey of not learning to cook, but of learning to do it well. I’ll share my experience living on the farm and learning to fulfill my responsibility of providing for the farmer’s table.

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