Putting the ‘Sweet’ in Sweet Corn

They used to say if you wanted sweet corn, you’d better put the water on before heading to the market. In years past, sweet corn had a much shorter ‘shelf life’ than it does now. When picked, the sugars would quickly turn to starch, and sweetness would be lost. Over the years, sweet corn has been selectively bred to yield sweeter ears, that also hold … Continue reading Putting the ‘Sweet’ in Sweet Corn

The Farming Family

  As an “outsider” joining farm life, I’ve been met with challenges of 12-hour planting marathons in Memorial Day heat and the tasks of grasping the lingo of an unfamiliar field (Do you see what I did there? an unfamiliar FIELD? I’ll wait..it took me a minute to see it too). Adapting to the farm life has been challenging, rewarding, exhausting, exhilarating, and, of course, delicious. The farm … Continue reading The Farming Family

Farm Update- July 10

For every thing, there is a season…and we’re headed right into our main season here within the next few weeks. Each day, there’s more at the market and what to make for dinner becomes much more difficult to decide for the decision-impared like myself. Strawberries Just a few short weeks ago, this field was laden with strawberries. Walking by, their sweet smell would turn me … Continue reading Farm Update- July 10

This weather … it’s so irrigating!

This weekend I told my husband if we’re sitting on the porch discussing the weather when we’re 80…then he still hasn’t retired. As a farmer, your livelihood depends on the weather (yeah, yeah, and ambition and nutrient balance in the soil and equipment and….). But the factor that we have absolutely no control over is the weather. The farming community talks a lot about weather. What … Continue reading This weather … it’s so irrigating!