Pumpkin Butter “Cinnamon” Rolls

This idea has floated around in my head since we’ve gotten our pumpkin butter at the market. It all begin with some Jelly Rolls this summer, and I’ve been fascinated with the concept of replacing the goey cinnamon sugar filling of typical cinnamon rolls with new and exciting flavors ever since. Some may call it trickery. I promise you, this is quite a delightful surprise. … Continue reading Pumpkin Butter “Cinnamon” Rolls

Carrot Cake Pancakes

So a couple weeks ago I bought some baby carrots wholeheartedly believing I’d enjoy them dipped in hummus as a healthy snack.  (I was so wrong).  So rather than admit that I was wrong to my husband who questioned my purchase of three pounds of baby carrots, I set out to use them up. Carrot Cake Pancakes- a sweet idea for Easter breakfast! These pancakes we had for dinner … Continue reading Carrot Cake Pancakes