Sage Chicken Pasta – From Leftovers!

For the first time in a while this weekend we made some of our favorite roasted chicken. It’s the perfect weather to enjoy the warmth from the oven and the hearty fragrance in the air as a chicken roasts. Recently we got some locally raised chickens that were quite a bit bigger than I had been getting. So this meant a roasted chicken for dinner … Continue reading Sage Chicken Pasta – From Leftovers!

Roasted Rosemary Sage Chicken

Warning: this recipe is not for the calorie-conscious. Today we’re working on conquering my fears.  Fear of what? Whole chickens.  (Well, my husband would say salt and seasoning too, but that’s a story for another day) What also scares me about chicken is that most packages look like this: Notice anything missing?  Like…chicken? So we’ve been purchasing fryer chickens from Catullo Prime Meats who gets … Continue reading Roasted Rosemary Sage Chicken